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Reviews for Bross Bagels

We have had lots of good news and reviews you lovely people, so read them here, and find out what the press and our industry think of Bross Bagels.

We were delighted to discover that Bross Bagels are winners in the Skinny Food and Drink Survey 2018, winning Best Newcomer AND Best Street Food. January 2018

Bross Bagels went international when CBC News in Montreal Canada picked up our story in December 2017

Our story also featured in The Suburban of Quebec, Canada December 2017

“Bagels have never been a thing in Scotland until now,” Larah told me. “We have lines down the block on the weekends and people travelling from miles away to get their freshly baked, organic, Montreal style bagels.”

Closer to Home The List featured Bross Bagels with a glowing report: 

“Neatly wrapped in paper, the bagel is warm, chewy and dense, with as much filling as it can handle. It’s a winning combo which soon draws thoughts to what to try on the next visit.”