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BROSS Bagels delivered with deli

Freshly baked bagels to your door – whatever you don’t eat; slice & freeze & pop them straight into the toaster whenever you want another one… Bagels for days.

To order, please use the following guidelines:
Monday 7 pm to Tuesday 4 pm for delivery on Thursday (Fife)
Tuesday 7 pm to Wednesday 4 pm for delivery on Friday
Wednesday 7 pm to Thursday 4 pm for delivery on Saturday
Thursday 7 pm to Friday 4 pm for delivery on Sunday
Friday 7 pm to Saturday 4 pm for delivery on Monday (East Lothian)
Saturday 7 pm to Sunday 4 pm for delivery on Tuesday (West Lothian)
Sunday 7 pm to Monday 4 pm for delivery on Wednesday (Midlothian)
We deliver to Edinburgh, Musselburgh and South Queensferry everyday.

Minimum order is £20
We deliver the orders to your door between 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM

Our deli is updated daily between 4pm and 7pm, so if stocks are running low come back in the evening, when our shelves will be filled once more.

Friendly Warning – If by mistake you have placed an order for East Lothian, West Lothian or Fife for the wrong delivery day, we will refund your order and ask you to reorder for your allocated day.

All order enquiries to Please do not contact us about your order through social media.